Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

  • To create, organize and disseminate artistic works globally through performances, events, festivals, open houses, symposium and workshops
  • To provide platform and networking opportunities to performing artists from minorities and people of colour.
  • To promote arts collaborations and promote arts in youth, new generations, emerging and artists with disabilities;
  • To establish scholarship programs which can encourage talents of emerging, immigrant artists and art professionals.
  • To support local artistic activities and its development in Global market to foster high-quality artistic and musical performances;
  • To Launch and support global initiatives that can provide resources, professional development and tools to local artists and art professionals and art organizations
  • To provide digital platform to art sector professionals and to extend global platform to enhance their career
  • To build bridges and intercultural networks between diverse cultures through exchanges, events, workshops, programs and services for all artists.
  • Provide contemporary and classical professional artists of Canada with resources that can support the presentation of their artwork.
  • Contribute to further development of an active and vibrant community of artists and art makers and encourage them to advance in creative, conceptual, and professional development and dissemination contexts.
  • To connect with diverse audiences with special attention to enhance opportunities for Indigenous, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ minorities artists and arts producers to participate in contemporary and classical art events and festivals
  • To contribute towards the development of digital technology and advancement by promoting emerging artists’ digital artworks

Office Hours

9 am – 4:30 pm
Monday through Friday

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Tel: 1 (647) 801 2023

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